The Single Station Capacity Monitor  

The process of measuring AC Ripple Current used by our SSCM is a 12 year old method pioneered by our engineer, Richard Barton. This process is used daily by the majority of battery technicians worldwide to quickly determine whether an online UPS has existing problems or requires maintenance. The patented SSCM has simply automated this process within a real time platform to allow for monitoring every second of every day, and alerts designated personnel when capacity has become compromised. (For more information on manually testing your online UPS, click here)

Essential Components that Effect Capacityinstalled units

  • Failure of UPS battery supply
  • Loss of UPS battery supply capacity
  • UPS battery fuses
  • UPS battery disconnect
  • UPS battery connections
  • DC filter capacitors within the UPS
  • UPS DC filter capacitor fuses
Benefits of the SSCM
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Eliminates the need for service agreements
  • Eliminates the need for printed reports and their interpretation
  • Minimizes the potential for false alarms
  • The right move for those interested in 99.9999% uptime performance
  • Does not require a PC or software to operate
  • Does not require special training to install and use
  • Requires NO maintenance
  • Does not require a physical connection with any of the batteries
  • Does not introduce current into the system in order to monitor
  • Does not shorten battery life in order to monitor
  • Does not put additional load on the system in order to monitor
  • Does not increase maintenance costs to the ups
  • Costs approximately $3.00 per day to operate
  • Includes a 5-year limited warranty




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